“Cavalor” To Join Our Brands


“Cavalor” To Join Our Brands

We are thrilled to introduce new brand Cavalor to the Hudson Equine range! We have been using Cavalor now on our own horses for the last few months and we have been thrilled with the results of their joint supplements!

The Cavalor team have strong values that we at Hudson Equine believe in, one is putting your horse first and the other is prevention rather than cure. The Cavalor joint supplement range is designed to work with your horse’s to prevent injuries to muscles, tendons and ligaments by providing a range of ingredients to work with your horse.

Cavalor was born in 1989, the brainchild of a young agricultural engineer named Peter Bollen.  He had just completed his thesis, “Nutrition of the Sport Horse,” and was hired by a Belgian company whose managing director shared two of Peter’s passions: equitation and horse nutrition. Together they decided to launch a line of products dedicated to the nutritional needs of high-performance horses.

Throughout the next two decades, Cavalor built an international reputation as the world leader in equine nutrition for high-performance horses. Cavalor has helped thousands of horse owners and competitors understand this very simple but crucially important equation: Proper Nutrition and Care = Top-level Performance.


For more information and to view the full Cavalor range take a look on our website where you will find all of their products, features and descriptions as well as more information on the company itself at https://hudsonequine.com/product-category/brands/cavalor/


If you would like anymore information on any of their products you can call or email us at anytime and we are happy to advise you on their product ranges.


Whether your horse is hacking, racing, show jumping, eventing or dressaging.. there’s something for everyone with “Cavalor”

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