• Vetrofen-Healthy-Joint-supplementvetrofen-healthy-joint-supplement-360g
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    Animalife Vetrofen Healthy Supplement

    The Animalife Vetrofen Healthy Supplement is the perfect supplement for everyday use with older horses and horses in intense work or training sessions.
  • Vetrofen-Intense-Sachet-3.5gVetrofen Intense 50 Sachet Box
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    Animalife Vetrofen Intense 3.5g Sachet

    The Animalife Vetrofen Intense 3.5g Sachet is back by rider demand! Effective, fast-acting and convenient; Animalife’s Vetrofen Intense 3.5g sachets are back, new and improved!!!
  • Vetrofen-Intense-105gVetrofen-Intense-315g
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    Animalife Vetrofen Intense Supplement

    Vetrofen Intense is a SUPER FAST acting SUPER STRENGTH targeted supplement containing a completely natural antioxidant blend that targets comfort and recovery. Vetrofen Intense has been scientifically formulated to help horses and ponies when they require support in dealing with intense activity, the natural ageing process and recovery. Vetrofen Intense is free from banned substances and is safe to use with the performance horse.
  • Vetrofen Syringe
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    Animalife Vetrofen Intense Twin Pack Syringe

    The Animalife Vetrofen Intense Twin Pack Syringe is a twin pack of 30ml syringes perfect for administering at shows after cross country or intense work to take the edge of the recent intense workout! Extremely popular at the moment especially with the ground being so hard.